Multiple Teams · I-8 Schools Adjust Spectator Limits for Some High School Events

The Interstate Eight Athletic Conference schools have made a modification to the spectator limitations for boys and girls high school basketball games moving forward.  Beginning on Tuesday, February 16th each participant (player/coach) will be allowed a maximum of 4 spectators to attend games at all I-8 schools including Pennfield High School.

The spectator limitations will remain 2 per participant at all I-8 schools in wrestling, competitive cheer and all middle school athletic events.  Ticket prices will remain the same.  Tickets are $5 per person for all ages at high school events and $3 for adults and $2 for a student at middle school events.  No passes are being accepted at I-8 schools this year due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

When spectators come to events at Pennfield Schools, they will be required to sign in next to the name of the participant they are coming to watch when they purchase a ticket.  This process will be required for all spectators for both the home team and the visiting team.  On dates where there are multiple events, like a basketball triple header for example, we will ask the spectators from the first contest to exit as quickly as possible after the conclusion of that game.  This will allow us to sanitize the spectator seating area prior to the next contest.  We will ask spectators coming to the second game or the third game to only come for that game as we will continue to limit the number of spectators at each game for safety purposes.

Please contact the athletic office at Pennfield High School (269) 961-9777 if you have any specific questions regarding tickets.